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Chef, food educator, and owner of Estella's Vegan Cuisine and Desserts, Chantele Jones, has made it her mission to spread the plant-based lifestyle and it's many health benefits. She holds a degree in Culinary Arts and her goal is to dispel myths that following a vegan diet is expensive, complicated, and flavorless.

 After battling with personal health issues, she discovered how a plant-based diet could alleviate many of the problems she was experiencing in her body. Fueled by her desire to get healthy and still enjoy great tasting food, Chantele started cooking vegan dishes for herself and her family. It wasn’t long before she grasped plant-based cooking that she decided to share her skills with those outside her household. Thus, in 2010, VDaLish, now known as Estella's was born, and her journey towards helping others embark on their own plant-based journey began.

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Chantele knows firsthand the challenges and successes of mealtime for a household. Through catering, group cooking classes, and pop-ups Chantele makes plant-based cooking accessible to the average person. Her cookbook, “Our Vegan Family Favorites,” is her latest venture in showcasing family-friendly, delicious, vegan meals.    

When she’s not cooking, Chantele, a native Detroiter, can be found spending time with her family, cycling, and enjoying old-school R&B. It is her mission to rebrand the reputation of a vegan diet, one meal at a time.    

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